Calling All Dog Owners

You love going out to eat, but why should your love of good food mean your four-legged* family members have to stay home?

Here at Dogs Allowed we don't believe that eating out should get in the way of spending time with your dog. We think 'dog friendly' is a badge of honour. One that every pub and restaurant across the UK should wear with pride.

That's why we founded the Dogs Allowed Card.

So that you can not only easily find the best dog friendly venues close to you, but score the very best deals when you dine with your dog too.

*We love our three, two, and one-legged pooches just as much too!

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Buy Your Dogs Allowed Card

Use the button on this page to order your card for a year for just £29 and gain access to exclusive discounts at the very best dog friendly venues. We'll personalise your card just for you, and we'll get it out to you by 1st class post so there's no waiting around.

Check Our List of Dogs Allowed Venues

We're regularly driving around the country, seeking out the very best dog friendly venues (and convincing some places to start accepting dogs), so make sure to check back on the website for the very latest list of venues that accept your Dogs Allowed card.

Save Money When You Eat Out With Your Pooch

This is the best bit. As a Dogs Allowed cardholder you'll be a member of an exclusive club that means you'll save money when you eat out with your pooch. Whether you're stopping for a coffee whilst out shopping, or out for a special occasion, you'll pay less with your Dogs Allowed card.

Dogs Allowed Card

Buy Your Card

Your pooch and pocket will thank you.

Become a Dogs Allowed cardholder today and gain access to exclusive discounts at your favourite dog friendly venues for the next 12 months. As soon as we receive your order we'll get your card out to you by 1st class post, so you can start racking up the savings in no time!


Hi, I'm Nick, and that handsome, curly haired boy is Max.

There's few things we love more than eating out.

We're passionate about seeking out the very best pubs, restaurants and cafes, and getting the best deals for our Dogs Allowed cardholders.

Now, you might be wondering "Why do they do that?". Well we were sick of spending night after night eating at home, because we don't know what venues were dog friendly. And even when we did manage to find somewhere we could both go, we'd end up paying full price - and keeping this boy full is expensive enough at the best of times!

We decided enough was enough, so we founded the Dogs Allowed Card, and now we spend our time travelling around the country, searching for the finest dog friendly venues to secure discounts for our cardholders.

Becoming a cardholder is only for a specific breed of dog lover (pun intended!), because when you buy your Dogs Allowed card you become a member of an exclusive club - made of dog owners who want to save money when eating out with their beloved pooch.

But membership isn't strictly for dog owners. Maybe you're a dog sitter, dog walker, or just love spending time with your friend's hounds. The Dogs Allowed Card is for you too.

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